There is an “I” in politics

In President Obama’s SOTU Address we saw Democrats and Republicans sitting together.  The opinions I heard on NPR suggest that some thought that the experience was good and some felt it to be just for show, “ Romp-R-Room” as one person put it.  In my opinion this was a wonderful opportunity to do some team building. 

Ever experience team building?  It stars off uncomfortable forcing reluctant participants to step outside his/her comfort zone.  Exercises can be completed with the intent to open people up to listening and getting to know one another better.  The result should be better communication through better understanding ultimately creating a better more effective team.   Think the phrase, “There is no “I” in TEAM.” 

Politics is the anti-team building exercise.  Partisanship is one-sided and neither party can be fully whole because there is only one way which is NOT the other side’s way.   Even within party lines there is a need for team building.  Open communication and respect for the opinion of others is the only road to team building.  Towing the party line and battling for the citizens of this country to join one side or the other is not team building.  

Maybe President Obama had a great idea; this country needs to do more team building and less taking sides split by partisan politics.    We as Americans need to insist that our elected officials get on one team that works for the good of the nation and not for his/her self interest.  When I see a vote that is split 50/50 on partisan lines, I do not think team, I think politics. I think it to be ineffective, inefficient, counter -productive, and a waste of time and money.


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